Monday, December 30, 2013

The ever best and only once in my life

Time to really say Bye-Bye to my lovely 2013 and Hellosss to my mysterious 2014!

Yahoo! Actually I can't wait for it! How about you?

Recall back my 2013, and I did quite a lot crazy stuffs! Of course memorable enough for me to welcome my future, yet I think I really grow up lotsss...

No longer 21 or 22, but 23! Ewww... That's so sad but excited!

No longer a mummy girl, but have to become more mature and practice my analytical thinking.

This is the time for me to think about my career path rather than just relationship, relationship all the time. (I not really think about it all the time) Of course, it's important too! For me, it still not the first place yet, maybe in two more years and it will be. 

Today, my boss asked us. She said that tomorrow is the last day of 2013 and she is going to discuss with us about our new year resolutions. Honestly, I really think it truly and deeply before, and I think today is the day for me to recall, and start practice since 2014, a new year, a really brand new year for me.

2013, a very very memorable year for me, how to say? I learn a lot throughout this year, the main lesson that I can really learn is letting go. Letting go someone you loved, let him goes for his favourite, and I really love him, so I will let him do what he feels like and not forcing him to do what I like. Just really really want to say a big thank you to him for appearing in my life which makes my life so perfect. I am very happy and satisfied that you were appeared in my life before. Of course I do not mind if in the near future, we can be together again. You're really the best! 

Meanwhile, I also realised how important for a person to have a bunch of good friends. For my opinion, the good friends that I mean are those who I do not meet them everyday, even not once a year and yet we are still have a very good friendship. Appreciate you guys so much! Sincerely hope that our friendships will last forever and ever. Like I said, we do not have to meet up, but chit chatting on the phone for few mins also alright. As long as the feeling is right enough to be with you guys. (can't wait for 2014, because I do have trip with you guys and I guess it is going to be awesome) 

The ever best moment! Travelling, and no matter it is alone or with a bunch of professional models and etc. It just make me feel recharge all the times when I back from a trip. Pay a visit to a country, just make me feel that my life, the extra day I earn to live, the extra air I tend to breathe, is just so meaningful and beautiful. Maybe in the near future, I should try back-packing, as so far what I did before was just travelling alone but still not consider back-packing alone. 

For my opinion, if you live 10 years with the same living style, why don't you just live for one day? Since the 10 years you are going to spend is just the same, stop wasting the resources indeed. So, try whatever you can, learn whatever you should, and do whatever you want. (Of course should be in a right way) You have to know that your destiny is on yourself, and no one can take control of it. Just do you best and be the great one! Live once with no regrets~

Therefore, in this lovely 2013, I tried a lot new stuffs and I achieved quite few of my dreams! For examples, I went Pacific Ocean to watch wild dolphins, I went Taiwan for Summer School Programme to achieve my study abroad dream, I learn to play golf so that I am capable to present myself well, I went Guangzhou to work by travelling alone for one month over there, I did parachuting at the mountain of Taiwan which I never thought that I could make it, I went quite few theme parks at different countries to replace what I had missed in my childhood, I did completed my Degree studies and currently proceeding for a higher level of study, I found my first permanent job that able to build my clearer view for my future path, I did made many many good friendships with different peoples all around the world compare to the past I did crazy shopping at different countries till there is no limit at all......Many more to mention, and I think I only achieve 10% of my wishlist. Many more to come in the near future!!! 

2013, too much too much. Those honey sweet, painful, incredible events that appeared before, not going to repeat, and even repeat also won't be the same any more. 

ENOUGH! Time for my incredible 2014!!!

Yeah! Let's start with my new year resolutions!!!

1) Work hard for my MBA, read at least 3 pages of self-development book per day.

2) Sleep before 11.30pm and wake up before 8.00am everyday and must take breakfast!

3) Earn more money for a better lifestyle and obtain a higher salary job.

4) Travel at least 4 countries this year, so far confirm Bali and Beijing trips, waiting for more trips!

5) Must build at least 5 different experiences this year, such as go for hiking at Kota Kinabalu, take diving license, swim with dolphins, learn dancing or some exercises, and so on.

6) Smile and improve my EQ!!! Be motivated everyday!!!

7) Build good relationship with my beloved friends! 

Everyday in every way, I'm getting better and better! Hope you guys too!!!

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